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Things I bought in January 2016.

Hello you! 

I am really nosey and I love seeing what people are buying. I thought, with that in mind, that this year I would do a monthly review of the good stuff I bought. Not the boring bits like more milk but the really fun stuff. 

For E 

Having just had Christmas E didn’t really need anything but she did smash potty training so for that I got her a much wanted Elsa dress so she can do her powers. 

I also picked up this ACE play mat that has drawstring so you just pull the string and it converts to a bag for storage. Genius! 

For Me 

I seem to have spent LOADS on myself this month but it’s only because I got some money for Christmas. I’ll share just a few of bits I bought. 

Firstly I got this dreamy Ted Baker across body bag. I LOVE it. It’s a gun metal grey and rose gold hardware. It’s totally impractical to mum in as it fits my 21 year old standard bag contents – money, phone, keys and lip stick but it’s oh so beautiful. I haven’t used it yet but when I do it’ll be divine. 

I also got a light box. I know EVERYONE has them nowadays but I just really wanted one and as no one got the hint at Christmas, I treat my self. I am having so much fun writing messages of joy to my child who can’t read and my husband who couldn’t care less. 

An absolute accidental purchase was some pearl Birkenstocks that I had meant to add to my 30th birthday wish list but instead used the one click buying button. I was perplexed when they arrived the next day and for a second thought someone had done some sneaky shopping for me. Then I checked my email and quickly turned off one click ( I had only turned it on to buy Stick man on the firestick for E) I was going to return but hubs kindly said I should keep them because I’d end up with them somehow anyway! 

For the House 

I decided to change the colour scheme of the living area so I picked up these gorgeous mustard cushions for George. They were 2 for £10, they are simply the softest cushions ever and they really brighten the room. 

For hubs 

Sneaking in there on the last day of January (which happens to be pay day) Hubs has finally got a Nespresso machine. A combination of left over vouchers, selling an older pod machine and some pay day money has meant he was able to fund one easily. Hubs is BIG into coffee. He has an aeropress, fresh beans and grinder which he takes to work and uses if he wants a longer coffee and now a Nespresso to make espressos. In an ideal world I would love to blow his mind and get him a proper coffee machine but they are super expensive so all these gadgets will have to do. I wasn’t too thrilled about the machine but it comes with aerochino? Which is essentially a really good milk frother. E and I will absolutely be indulging in frothy hot chocolates. 

And that’s all for January. 

Love ya 

A x 

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