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Toddler Tuesday – Potty trained?  

Hello you! 

E will be 3 in April and for the last maybe 6 months? People have asked if she is potty trained, potty training and so on. A lot of older family members were worried I’d left it too late and I’m sure a few felt I was being lazy. But the answer was always no, I didn’t think the time was right. 

(Don’t worry. There’s no potty pictures, just some daffodils I treat myself too at the weekend)

We did try a few times but it was clear she just wasn’t ready so we stopped almost a few hours later. I think the longest try lasted a day before I gave in to her begging for a nappy. 

Last Saturday (4 days ago) me and hubs decided that we felt the time was right. We agreed that we’d spend the weekend, as a family unit, at home. E would be nappy free and we would just see what happened. 

What happened was loads of coffee for mummy and daddy and few wees on the floor on Saturday. A lot of calm conversations about maybe tying to get the wee into the potty.

Sunday came and E asked for knickers. She did every single pee in the potty – no accidents and totally unprompted. We didn’t go with the keep putting them on the potty and reminding them method because well, it was annoying her and us. We just let her go when she needed. 

Monday we headed out to a local toddler group, nappy free and nervous. No need to be though. Girl face had got it. No pee in pants and one accident at home when desperately trying to pull off leggings.

Today is Tuesday, all toilet needs have taken place unprompted by anyone in the potty. We’ve been to playgroup and just got on with life. 

I’m not naive enough to assume this is her and we will be accident free. What no one seems to tell you about potty training is they have to also learn to hold it as they get their clothes off and then eventually go on a toilet. Not to mention nappy free night times. Potty training is exactly what the name says – its training. It’s going to take time but I’m proud that I stuck to my instincts and waited until I knew my girl was ready. Sure there are kids who have trained much earlier and been ready but there are kids that won’t be ready for a long time yet and you know what? That’s fine! All these small humans are different after all! 

I’m super proud of E. She amazes me every day and is a genuine pleasure to parent. 

I’m also very pleased we are saying goodbye to nappies in the day time too! 

Love ya 

A x

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