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Meal planning Monday 

Hello you! 

Some of my most viewed posts are meal plans so I thought I’d bring it back this year and share what we are scoffing! 

One big change to mention is I’ve stopped eating meat. Hubs and toddler girl still eat it occasionally so I’ll do my best to include the variations I do with meal planning for everyone. On we go …

Chicken roast dinner – I serve this with brocoli, Carrots, green beans. Some form of potato, stuffing and yorkie puds. I simply emit the meat for myself with this meal and don’t bother with a substitute. 

Lasagne rolls – This is new recipe I want to try. You stuff pasta rolls with a bolognese and the pour cheese sauce over and bake. We use quorn mince. E won’t eat this meal because it’s wet so she’ll have chicken dippers, sweet potatoe discs and steamed baby corn. 

Stir fry – Stir frys are meant to be simple but not in this house. I have noodles with loads of veggies and soy. Hubs has noodles, veggies, chicken and a thick sauce. E has plain noodles, brocoli and baby corn steamed and a chopped up quorn sausage. 

Sausage and mash – Cauldron sausages this time with loads of veggies. Everyone eats this meal the same, thankfully. 

Quorn fajitas – Its just fajitas with quorn. E eats this but we don’t add the spice to hers as it makes her tongue fizzy. We serve ours with salad, cheese, salsa, tortilla chips and sour cream. 

Falafel burgers and sweet potatoe fries – We found an amazing and simple Falafel recipe here and everyone loves it. E has hers without bread and we have ours in mini tortilla wraps. 

Tuna steaks, new potatoes and green beans – This is a meal we all love! It’s simple, very easy to cook and healthy. 

And that’s it for this coming week. What will you be eating? Do you have any interesting recipes to share? 

Love ya! 

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