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Park life – Mummy dates project 2017.

Hello you! 

I’m a stay at home mum and spend all day everyday with E but it’s not very often I dedicate time to just her. Usually I’m popping a load of laundry on or cleaning so one of my resolutions this year was to spend time with her, dedicated to just her. 

Today we wrapped up warm and headed to the park. It was cold and damp but we stayed for an hour. We had the whole park to ourselves and spent our time running, jumping, sliding and swinging.

 I taught E to hopscotch and she taught me that you can shout in the tunnel and it and echos. We both went on the swings to see who could reach the sky and we also saw a bear (We didn’t really but my almost three year old has the BEST imagination) 

Afterwards we walked to our local cafe which I hadn’t planned but it was on our way home and looked super inviting. I had a massive mocha to warm up and E had some milk and marshmallows. My mum then came to join us.  Overall we spent two hours together, just mamma and E. 

We walked home holding hands telling nanny all about our park adventure.

I really enjoyed our mummy date and I plan to make sure we do something every single week just for us. 

I’m taking part with the Mummy dates project hosted by Louise Pentland over at her blog, Sprinkle of Glitter. The idea is both lovely and simple, do something with your small and document it. 

Mummy Dates 2017 Project

Lots of love 

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