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E update – 2 years and 10 months 

Hello you! 
The new year have bought with it some big changes for E. 

Firstly she has had a growth spurt, a big one! You may know that’s she’s always been tiny and right up until Christmas she was wearing mostly 12-18/18-24 months clothes even though she was 2 and a half. Fast forward two weeks and she’s now in 2-3 years and needs a whole new wardrobe. Not to mention shoes! I’m not going to complain though as she’s been in tiny sizes for so long that we really really got a lot of wear from clothes. 

Secondly, she walks almost everywhere now. No more pushchair for us. My independent little soul not only wants to walk but she can walk too. I have to confess, I miss not having the buggy to carry all out stuff around in. 

Thirdly, she’s begun eating properly again. And by that, I mean her demands for chicken nuggets and waffles for every meal have ended and she is happily eating the same meals as us again. We didn’t do anything to encourage this. In fact we almost accepted that she would be that kid that only ate chicken nuggets and waffles. We just made sure everyone knew we had tried to get her to eat well!

 ‘She once only ate olives and hummus you know’ had been a phrase I threw in there LOTS. (Mum guilt ok?!)

In two months she’ll be three years old and I feel like she’s suddenly racing to that point and growing up so fast and you know what? 

I’m really enjoying it. I know everyone thinks their kids are ace but guys, she is wonderful! She’s so witty, fun and exciting to be with. She loves kitchen dance parties, playing and jumping in puddles. She regularly tells us how much she loves us and she cares so so much about everyone around her including animals. 

I think my next update on her will be her third birthday. At the rate she is changing I’m sure by then she’ll have a boyfriends and be looking at mortgage interest rates!

Love ya!

A x 

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