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It’s New Year’s Eve …

And I haven’t blogged in ages despite saying I would. I’m so sorry. 

It’s for totally happy reasons. Since being in my medication I’ve been in a MUCH better place and I’ve basically spent December prancing around with my finally, being happy. 

I do love this little blog though so tomorrow will be my new start, my new chapter. 

I think January is going to be all about my 2017 to do list. I have loads of things I want to do in 2017 and some of them are things I would really like to write more in depth about. 

My top things in no particular order are;

Stop eating meat 

Be a better dog owner 

Be a better recycler 

Be a better friend 

Be a kinder person 

There’s loads more but those things are the biggies. 

For now, I think I shall Happy new year. I hope wherever you are, you are safe, loved and happy. 

Thanks for reading you gorgeous lot. See you in 2017! 

Love ya xx 

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