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Say Cheeeessseeee! 

Hello you! 

It’s Christmas Day in 5 sleeps and we are totally in ‘ah go on then it’s christmas’ mode here!

As you know, I’m a Tesco Orchard member which means occasionally Tesco kindly send me vouchers to sample their products. In exchange I give my honest opinions on their goods using the #tryforless

This time we got a voucher for Cheese. Who doesn’t love a cheese board at Christmas?!?

We picked up two selection packs. What surprised us firstly was the cost, look how much cheese you get for such little cost? There were heaps of options including those with actual boards but we decided, as we have a lot of boards, to grab these two mix ups! 

The variety in them in great, I’m particularly excited to eat the Brie. Hubs has already opened the Cranberry Wensleydale (it’s Christmas after all?!) and said it super tasty and E is munching on some smoked cheese as I type. It’s thumbs up all round.  

We actually got these because we are basing our selves firmly at home this Christmas and people will be visiting us rather than us to them. Having these in will be handy for our guests to help themselves too if they feel peckish. 

Where are you going this Christmas guys? Do you live a cheeseboard? Let me know! 

Love ya!

A X 

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