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E at 2 and a half.

Hello you! 

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on E so I thought I would take my chance today whilst she has a snooze in.

So, E is 2 and half. She’ll tell you that herself  bevause her speech has come on so so so well that she doesn’t stop talking now. 

She has super long brown hair, like repunzel. 

She is still very small for her age, she wears mostly 12 – 18 month clothes now. 

Currently her favourite things are Toy story, A whole new world (Aladdin) and The little girl and the dinosaur (The good dinosaur). She does an excellent impression of how longnecks plough fields. And sings a whole new world beautifully and non stop most days.

She still loves being outside more than anything, we go outside every day. No matter the weather.

Oh goodness, it’s recently been fireworks night hasn’t it? E LOVES fireworks. She says they sound so crunchy and are beautiful.

She is a wild, fierce and fearless. The child I had in July is not the child I have now. She isn’t shy, she isn’t retiring and she is quiet anymore. She was just warming up guys.

She’s still extra funny with food. No way food, no mixed food and no meat. We deal with that the best we can do and don’t stress at all. It’ll work out. 

She loves animals. A lot. They are her soul sisters. 

She recently begun to feel ‘scared’ of dark rooms, Zurg and shadows. We just plough through and show her these things aren’t scary! 

She isn’t potty trained yet. We tried but then we all got ill so that’s coming up again soon …… Joy! 

E is just a wonder. She is a light in our lives. She brings laughter, love and quirkiness. She’s absolutely a mix up of me and dad but totally her own person. She literally makes us smile from morning until night. She does have her tantrums and her moments but they are few and far between. 

My sweet sweet girl. You are my whole new world. I love you, always. 

Mamma xx 

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