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Father Christmas – What we do! 

Hello you!

Another festive post from me today! Let’s talk about the man in the red suit shall we?! A few years ago I was shocked to learn not everyone ‘does’ Father Christmas like we do. I learnt some homes buy the gifts to send to him, in some homes he only brings a small token gift, in others he brings everything. Some parents don’t like him getting all the credit and some parents don’t like him at all. 

So I wanted to tell you guys what we shall be doing regarding the big man.

Firstly, I don’t like calling him Santa. I don’t know why, I’m weird. I like Father Christmas. It feels magical. Having said that I do often slip up and call him Santa. I also HATE people writing Christmas with an X. It’s just not my thing.

On Christmas Eve, before bed, E will put out her empty sack in the living room.  We will leave a mince pie, a carrot and a bottle of beer and we will go bed. 

On Christmas morning we will wake up and wonder whether Father Christmas has been? We will creep downstairs to find he has! The sack will be full of wrapped gifts and the treats will be gone. 

That’s Father Christmas in our house.

Under the tree will be presents from all our relatives and friends. E won’t receive a present from us, her parents, and for those who wonder whether she’ll question why? I don’t think she will. It’s how we did Christmas when I was small and I never wondered where my gifts were from my parents were.

At the start of December E will write a list to the big man letting him know things she may like. Not things she wants. Just things she may like. No specifics and certainly no Argos product codes. She’ll be told repeatedly and kindly how lucky she is and how wonderful it will be if she gets things she asked for. (Emphasis on the luck is she suddenly asks for something she’s shown no interest in all year long or a hatchimal!) 

And that’s it, that’s Father Christmas in our house.

If your a social media lover like me you’ll have seen the many viral messages about how children should be bought only one small gift because others may not have the same luck as your child. 

Although I COMPLETELY understand this message , I won’t be limiting E to one gift. I will, however, ensure I raise her with a loving and giving heart. As children my brothers and I were always spoilt at Christmas, I’m talking rooms full of gifts. We grew up in a pretty ‘poor’ town which meant we had friends who weren’t as lucky as us. Our parents did a great job and we always knew how lucky we were. Plus by the time we went back to school, the amount of gifts we got had been given was all but forgotten. 

So that’s that, Father Christmas in our house.

Lots of love


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