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How we afford Christmas.

Hello you.

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d write down all the ways we saved money throughout the year to make Christmas fun without having to reach for credit cards or worry ourselves sick. Although it may be no good to you this year it’s always worth considering thinking about for next year.

1) Save money monthly.

We do this every month, we save a set amount from January to November which means by December we have a decent amount tucked away for Christmas time. This money is usually spent on everyone’s gifts. This is the first year we’ve made a whole year of doing this and boy, it feels good! If you can manage just £10 or £20 a month, you’ll end up with a wedge of cash. 

2) Take advantage of ‘cards’ 

By this I mean Clubcard’s, points cards and rewards schemes. We shop at Tesco and are in their ‘Christmas savers’ club. This means we don’t get our vouchers/points until Christmas time. We’ve just received our statement and this year we clocked £140 worth of points. We actually ‘spent’ a huge chunk of this in the final Clubcard double points week but we still have money remaining which will buy our Christmas nibbles. We also have a Co-Op in our village and we’ve got around £15 on there. They’ll dish out a voucher in December as well meaning we are likely to have £20ish for more little extravagance.

3) Cash back sites. 

Throughout the year if we buy online we go through Quidco. They ‘give’ you a percentage of what you spend back if you go via them. I don’t know why, I’m sure you can google it. We shop online a lot so we usually end up with around £20/£30 banked in there too.

This is first year in our adult lives we’ve made it to this point. Christmas is covered without having to spend on credit & store cards. We have more money available to us than ever before because we did think ahead and I am feeling pretty proud that we are at this point in our lives.

What I want to say though is if you aren’t at this point, don’t beat yourself up! Don’t reach for the store cards or spend money you don’t have. If I’ve learnt anything during our poorer years it is that Christmas is about love, happiness, family and friends. If you can’t give a gift, don’t worry. Make memories and love always. 

Lots of love


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