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Weekly meal plan 

Guess whose back? Back again! 

Hello you! 

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve missed you, tell me everything!! 

So I thought I’d start with a meal plan because winter is well and truely on its way and our weekly eats just got so much tastier. On with the show beauts …… 

Quorn chicken with black bean sauce and egg fried rice. This is a substitute for the Chinese take away I am desperate to eat. For those of you who are slimming worlders I’ll add peppers, mushrooms & onions to the sauce and the whole thing will be served with steamed broccoli. 

Baked sweet potatoes with prawns and chopped up seafood sticks. Phoned my Nanna the other day and she was having this for lunch and now all I want is to eat it. I’ll have salad with mine! 

Beef stew with steamed broccoli and sprouts. Isn’t this what everyone eats when it’s cold?!  

Roast chicken dinner. A weekly Nicklen staple.  Lots of potatoes and loads of veggies, Yummmmooo.

Chilli con carne made with quorn and wedges. Hubs requested this one. 

Pan fried cod with homemade chips and mushy peas. E has been LOVING fish recently and this is a meal that she really loves.

And that’s it for this week! I am so excited to eat tea all week which is rare. Bring on the food!!

Love ya


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