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Where have we been? 

Hello you! 

I’ve not blogged in a while. I thought I’d pop in and update you all until I have some time to whip up some posts I have brooding.

In all honesty, we’ve been here but we’ve been 60% well. E and I got nasty colds which in turn resulted in me getting tonsillitis again. Although I caught it early on, I’ve felt pretty gross by the time E is in bed. 

Because she’s been ill, E has started waking in the night often and shouting for me. This has meant I hadn’t had more than 3 hours sleep at anyone time in about 5 weeks. I think that’s why I’m struggling to get over being poorly because I haven’t been able to rest. When she wakes she only wants me, I can go in and settle her within 10 minutes. Super hubs tried to go in once or twice to help me out and it resulted in an hour long 2am tantrum and the whole house awake so for the sake of everyone it’s easier for me to go. 

Last night super hubs forced me to go to bed at 8pm. To leave all the chores and everything that needed doing and get some sleep in. I managed to sleep from 8 until 1am and then 2am until 7am and I feel so so much better. I’m maybe 80% again now. 

So that’s it really. We’ve still been going to groups when we’ve been well enough, we’ve upped our fruit and veggies and started taking vitamins in a hope that we will all be 100% again soon. 

Love lots 

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