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How do you plead? Guilty. Mum guilty. 

Hello you!

Today the weather has been bad, it’s rained hard and it’s been chilly. We’ve started potty training so we kind of had to stay close to a toilet. With this is mind I decided we would have a cosy home day. Hubs worked today so it’s literally just been E and I from the moment she woke until the moment she went to bed. 

I feel so incredibly guilty. Why? She watched far too much TV today, ate chocolate as snacks, ended up in her nighty by 11am and had supper on the sofa watching Disney channel.

We also played playdoh, crafted, baked, did chores together and read. If any of my friends said to me ‘oh I feel so guilty because we only did this’ I would tell them to behave. What a fun and ace day! But me. Bad mum. No fresh air, no play date or educational activity.

I don’t know why I beat myself up about it but I know I’m not alone in doing so. I get so frustrated with the amount of pressure I see my gorgeous friends putting onbthemselves to be super mum and I’m doing the same.

I’m not the mum I thought I would be you know?! I thought I would be chilled out, my kid and I would float through life and it’d be grand. Instead I spend most nights researching EVERYTHING that can be researched to make sure she’s having the best. It’s exhausting guys! So yes I feel guilty but I’m going to be ok with that today. I’m going to try being kinder to my mum self. 

Do you ever get mum guilty?! Let me know in the comments below.

Love ya

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