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Easy cheesy straws 

Hello you!

This weekend me and E have been baking again! This time we made some easy peasy cheese straws! 

We used this recipe which can be found at madeformums.com and it was super easy and toddler friendly.

E enjoyed rubbing the flour and butter together and chopping the dough into straw shapes. The recipe doesn’t make a lot so next time I would probably double or even triple it to make a huge batch. They are ideal for snacking on or even compliment a main meal.

I am gong to adapt them slightly next time and add some veggies. I’m thinking broccoli or perhaps spinach. I’m also going to make some with bacon in for hubs to take to work.

I’ve been trying to bake and cook more with E recently. I want to involve her as not only does it give her good life skills but it’s an activity to do that’s interesting and hands on. 

My mum recently let me have her kitchen mixer thingy as she doesn’t use it and I am THRILLED. I’ve wanted one for an age so now I can get my bake on without it being soooooo super messy. 

What lovely goodies have you been creating recently? Share them with me?
Love ya



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