Busy days. 

Hello you!

I haven’t blogged in an age, we’ve been so busy. E is non stop now and I barely get time to think let along write. 

We’ve been super busy going to lots of local playgroups and we’ve been thinking about starting her at a local play school too so she can spend some time with children her own age and I can get an hour alone to catch up with myself. I seen to be just a mum and housewife at the moment with very little time for anything else.

We went to a Frozen princess party at the weekend and E loved it! She was obsessed with the princesses and touching them. It was so cute to watch, I cried.

I’ve not really got much to say at the moment, I have loads of blog post ideas but I’m struggling to articulate them. I know I have some meal plans, Christmas posts and present hauls planned so perhaps that will be the shape of the blog for now. Who knows? Certainly not me.

Tell me, what have you been up to? 



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