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Autumn fun! 

Hello you!

As Autumn descends on us I thought I might share our To Do list for this season. I try to make one every season change  so we get fully emerged in the spirit of the changes. Although E’s speech is improving greatly I find it’s a great chance for new dialect and words too. Pumpkin pie anyone? 

1) Collect leaves. We did this last year and E loved it. We collected some huge ones and then we painted them, painted with them and  stuck them to stuff.

2) Jump in leaves. Surely this is a childhood must? We have several huge trees at the side of our house so on a dry morning we will all head out to do some leaf kicking and jumping.

3) Pick a pumpkin. We’ve recently moved close to a place where you can pick a pumpkin and have a tractor ride so it’s a must surely? Once we have picked our pumpkin we will carve it and then roast the seeds with a little cinnamon on for a lovely little snack.

4) Create an Autumn checklist and look out for things on our dog walks. We live in a rural area so I know we will see hedgehogs, conkers, red trees and so on. We won’t take our list with us but we will pin it up in the playroom. More on this to come! 

5) Halloween. I know it’s not everyone’s thing but I’m looking at this from a child’s perspective and making it fun. Apparently the street goes a bit crazy for the kids with decorations and trick of treating so we will be joining in. We shall also be doing some Halloween crafts, we did some fun stuff last year that I want to do again. 

6) Puddle splashing. We’ve already done this but E had a blast. I think she felt fun and cheeky, we all got soaked but the laughter was worth it! 

What’s on your Autumnal check list? Do you love the season or are you grumpy summer has ended and people like me are already talking about cosy nights Christmas?

Take care 

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