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Meal plan! 

Hello you! 

Autumns here, Wahoooo!! I’m currently writing this on a rainy Saturday. We’ve been puddle jumping and baked – cosy. I’m ignoring the upcoming heat wave and pretending we are immersed in Autumn now. Yes!

Anyway, what we scoffing this week you ask? Let me tell you friends. 

Quorn Sausages, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots. Simple, quick and delicious.
Home made fish, chips and mushy peas. I LOVE CHIP SHOP CHIPS! But I am also trying to lose weight so I’m making this in a hope it’ll appease my need for them. 

Quorn spag Bol. Pretty standard on our meal list now. An easy weekday tea packed with veggies.

Roast chicken dinner. Another repeat meal but again, everyone likes it, it’s healthy and easy! 

Home made Curry. Last weeks curry was a HIT so we are trying a new one this week and we’ll see how that goes. My oldest and dearest friend, K, sent me the recipe after reading the last meal plan and she can cook! In fact despite being younger than me she taught me to cook. 

Mushroom risotto. So, here’s the thing. I don’t really like it but I’ll eat it. Hubs and E love it so I allow risotto to make an appearance twice a year, ha! 

Home made pizza. This is a non diet supper but we like a little treat tea on a Friday evening and E loves to help make them so that’s a win! I have goats cheese and red onion, hubs has cured meat. E has cheese and tomato.

Last week I said I was always sneaking spinach into food and someone asked me how I sneak it. Here’s my tip! I buy a bag of washed spinach and shove it in the freezer. After a day or so I scrunch the whole bag up until I have a bag of spinach sprinkles. And then I add it to everything! E currently loves a cheese and green sprinkle omelette for lunch and we even have green sprinkles in mash. You can’t really taste it but it’s a great way of getting a little something more into all of us! 

Love ya 


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