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Late night thoughts on having an only child. 

Hello you.

I seem to be drifting further and further away from being a mum to baby and closer and closer to having a little girl.

E is amazing! Let me tell you in the last month she has grown up! Anything baby that was left in her has been swallowed up by this incredible little soul. She’s sweet, gentle, funny and wild and it’s oh so wonderful.

Every now and then though my heart aches for time to just slow down. Just keep her small a little while longer. It’s gone too fast and that feels cruel. I didn’t soak up the baby smell enough, I just didn’t.

E is almost 2 and half now and people keep hinting about us making her a brother or sister. I don’t think we will do. It was never our plan. We did have a panic/blip a while ago but not because either of us were broody. We just panicked that E would be lonely growing up and maybe we should make her a baby sibling incase we grow to old and regret it. That’s passed now and we are back to being ok with our decision, I iust hope E will be.

Neither of us are only children and we love our siblings so it feels silly that we are making this decision but it’s a choice that feels right as well. We are perfect as us 3, we feel complete. A team against the world. 

And for my darling E, should you ever stumble upon this, you may be our only but you will never ever be lonely. Ever. We will always be by your side holding your hand. When you don’t want us right there anymore, we will be there still cheering you on from the sidelines. Waiting to celebrate and sometimes commiserate life with you. Because not only are we your parents but we are your friends, your team mates and your number one fans. We love you endlessly. 

Love ya


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