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Tesco Orchard – Wine. 

Hello you!

Let me first explain to you what Tesco Orchard is. It’s a thing I signed up for a while ago. Tesco invite you to ‘programmes’ based on surveys you’ve filled in. You choose whether or not you want to join the programme. If you get on the programme you then get vouchers in the post to spend. In the past I’ve done party food, flowers and few others. This time we got wine. Oh yes, wine! 

We actually didn’t get free wine because that wouldn’t be responsible but what we did get was a voucher towards some food. We could choose from cheese, pizza or roasting meats. We chose roasting meats and bought the most beautiful silverside of beef. With out voucher we also received a list of wines from a Tesco Expert that would compliment our meal. 

We actually didn’t buy that wine, sorry Tesco! We normally eat a roast lunch on a Sunday with our 2 year old and we don’t drink alcohol during the day. So we scoured the shelves and found another Tesco Recommends wine that we knew we would drink, a bottle of Rose. 

You can spot a bottle of Tesco Recommends wine very easily because it had a black label running along the bottle. I’m not a wine pro, I usually buy something with a £7/£8 price tag and hope it’s nice.

Let me tell you, this wine is tasty! It’s really fruity, not too dry and lovely! We had it with a pizza actually which complimented the meal really well. Like I said I’m not a wine pro so I can’t tell you much about its ‘notes’ but what I can say is both hubs and I enjoyed it, it went down very well and I will be buying it again without a doubt. The best bit, it was £4.50. I wouldn’t have even looked at thay shelf and now it’ll be my go to wine. It’s a fair price for a  mamma on a budget. 

Hubs loves a red wine so he’s very excited to grab a bottle of Tesco Recommends next time because it turns out, if they recommend it, you should listen. They aren’t lying. 

Have you tried Tesco Recommends wine? Let me know in the comments! 


Ps. Drink responsibly and only if your legal. 

Pps. If wine is really your thing why not have a look and see if Tesco are hosting one of their Wine fairs near you! 

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