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Quiet time. 

Hello you! 
I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that E has dropped her mid day nap which is fine but I still feel sometimes like she is sky high and needs to have some time to just reset.
After a quick google I leant that lots of toddler parents do ‘quiet time’ instead, Genius! 

This past week we’ve had 1 & 1/2 hours of quiet time a day. Usually around 1:30/2:00pm. During this time I’ve been turning off all background noise like the radio/TV and setting E up with something calming to do. Once she’s engaged in the activity it’s given me time to get on with odd jobs around the house, Blog and have a coffee.

I thought I might share some of our quiet time ideas with you and hopefully, you may have some you can share with me.  

1) Drawing/Sticking. E loves to draw and by setting her up with crayons and paper, I know she’ll be very content. She loves sticking stuff to paper, I did a whole blog post about that a while ago. 

2) Read books. To me this seems obvious as we read a lot but E loves to curl up with me and have a story read to her. Usually she’ll then grab a teddy and ‘read’ the story to them. This is a whole world of cuteness as I get to listen to her tell the stories I read her from memory. 

3) Puzzles. E really loves puzzles. Not those silly peg ones that you get for babies where the pieces get chewed and lost forever but real jigsaw puzzles. We have a few of these ‘My first puzzle’ collection from Ravensburger. I tip them out and she can pop them together fairly easily. I’ll have to buy some more soon as she’s mastering them fast but I don’t mind, I get them from Amazon and they are about £5 which is a small price to pay for 30 minutes quiet time.

4) Duplo. E loves to built stuff and I usually tip the bucket onto the floor and let her be. 

What do you do in those moments when your toddler needs to come back down to earth and chill out? Share your tips with me mammas and papas, I need ideas! 

Love lots 


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