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What’s on your plate?

Hello you!

It’s meal plan time again, tell me are you singing the CBeebies song? I hope so!

So what are you scoffing this week?

Baked potatoes with home made Quorn chilli. My new thing is to sneak spinach in everything I make so I’ll pop some in that too. E will have baked potatoes with fish & salad as she doesn’t like chilli.

Quorn Sausage and mash with peas and brocoli. Everyone will eat this, it’s a fave!

Tuna steaks with green beans & pan fried new potatoes. Again, everyone in the house will eat this.

Quorn spag Bol with hidden spinach. Seriosuly, I am obsessed.

F’Nandos. Basically home made Nandos, I’ll do an African spicy rice, some chicken marinated in peri peri sauce, some steamed corn on the cob and a salad. And Halloumi. And garlic bread. It’s a big old meal this one!

Roast chicken, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings with carrots, brocoli, green beans and peas. What more could a person want?

Chicken and cashew nut curry with spinach (ha!) This is a new recipe I’m going to try so who knows how that will go? Curry night is time for me and hubs so E will have something before hand. Probably cheese and mushroom omelette which she is loving at the moment!

And that’s it for the week. We are trying to lose weight before Christmas after a busy August so us seriously over indulge. You may notice lots of repeat meals as the weeks go on but it’s only because I seriously lack imagination to feed all of us something we like and make it healthy.

Take care



One thought on “What’s on your plate?

  1. Hey I’ve finally found. Your blog!
    I plan our dinners each week. I have a few favourites:
    Oven baked Thai chicken rice
    Chicken and chorizo jambalaya
    Pancetta, spinach and cannelloni bean linguine
    Spicy lamb and chickpeas (can add spinach and serve with mash)

    If you would like any of these recipes let me know x

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