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August Favourites 

Hello you! 

Can you believe August is almost is over and Septmeber is on its way? How has this year whizzed by! I thought I might share with you some stuff me and E have been loving this August and if the post is popular, I’ll make it a monthly thing! 

1) Gro Anywhere Blind

E likes it because it’s covered in stars nd mini moons, I like it because it blocks out the constant daylight we seemed to have this August. I took it along with us to various hotels and places we slept during our busy month. E loves to sleep in a dark room so this has been perfect. As winter approaches with its dark nights and darker mornings,  I’ll probably pack it away until next spring but it’s been a firm favourite this spring. 

2) Organix Apple & Date bars

E has been loving these snack bars this month. She seems to love them and then not so and then she loves them again. They are perfect to throw in bag for a snack on the go and they are 1 of her 5 a day which gets a thumbs up from me. We’ve bought a box a week for the last 5/6 weeks and ran out each week so that shows how much E has been enjoying them! 

3) Stickers – I’ve nothing to link you to here but E has been LOVING stickers recently. She is really into sticking them onto paper/card. The concentration on her face is adorable! Our little post office sells them so we pop in for a pack a week, I let E choose so it feels really special. I hope she remembers! 

4) The Weekend box club

We’ve been getting these monthly activity boxes for about 5 months now but this month the theme is PIRATES. Everyone in the house is thrilled by this. Would you like a monthly review of our box and what we get up too? 

5) Calpol Vapour plug

Amongst all the fun, sun and happiness, we got hit by a nasty cold this August. E seemed to suffer the worse of us all and this plug in really seemed to ease her symptoms. I’ve had it for years and I swear by it when she is poorly but it’s been a while since we’ve had to use it. Not only does it make her room smell amazing but it helps E breathe clearly through the night. It does have a blue light that I know annoys some people but it doesn’t bother us. 

I think I’ll leave it there for now. I want to do a whole different post on what we are loving to help E sleep through the night next week so I’ll be mentioning some more stuff we’ve been loving then! 

Take care 

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