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Two weddings & a toddler 

Hello you!

This past 3 weeks we’ve attended two weddings with E. It should have been three bur unfortunately a family member took Ill and we couldn’t attend one. 

Have you ever taken a toddler to a wedding before?  Don’t. Ha, I joke. Or do I?! 

Both weddings were lovely and we survived them with minimal tears and tantrums. Although there were heaps of tears at wedding number two because it was my baby brother getting hitched however the tears were from me. 

I thought I would share my three top tips for taking a toddler to a wedding.

1) Snacks – Take a sack full of them. If your small human is anything like mine they won’t want to eat the fancy £50 a head meal that’s been paid for them but instead demand quavers, chocolate and crisps. Just give them it! And then you can eat your fancy meal with ease. And theirs too, so no money has been wasted!

2) Take entertainment – Along with your sack of snacks take another bag packed with stuff your kid loves. We took colouring, mini cars, the IPad (Thank you Disney life) and little toys. Speeches are long and boring when you are 2 and even if the bride and groom have prepared a gift for your small human, chances are they are going to get bored of it fast. 

3) Utilise other people & Relax – At wedding one I was pretty strict and stayed with E the whole time. Insistant my wilding of a toddler wouldn’t ruin hubs friends fun. By wedding two my lesson was learnt. So when my cousin offered to take E to the sweet cart, I sat back and drank my wine. My brother wanted to take her for a walk, I sat back and drank my wine. My mum wanted to dance with her, I sat back and drank my wine. It was far less stressful to let go a little and let people who offered to help, actually help.

E had an amazing time at both the weddings but today when we asked her if she liked weddings she said nope. They are, in her words, ‘too much and too loud’ so with that in mind, the next time an invite pops through for us we will be asking nanny to babysit and making the most of some toddler free time!

Love lots 

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