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Louise Live – a mini review 

Hello you!!

Today I went to see Louise Live in Leeds. For those of you who don’t know, Louise is also known as Sprinkle of Glitter and she’s an amazing blogger, vlogger and so much more.

I’ve been reading her blog and watching her videos for years so when my gorgeous bestie S, offered to buy me a ticket for an early Christmas gift, I jumped at the chance. She’s a big fan of Louise too so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to leave the babies with their dads and have some time together. 

Both S and I had discussed what we expected from the show, We were very aware that there would be lots of younger girls there and given we are almost 30 year old mothers, we weren’t sure if we would end up sat amongst lots of screaming girlies wondering why we had come. How wrong we were!! 

Louise was HILARIOUS. I’m talking real uncontrollable, belly laughs. The shows content, without giving anything away, was all about Louise’s life and given she’s a 31 year old mother, I could totally relate. She did an amazing job at making sure the younger girls were entertained as well but I never felt out of place with my woo’s and laughter. 

There was a brilliant moment within the show in which Louise discussed body confidence. And I found it a little emotional. Some times in my most miserable of days of body hatred I go back to Vlog Louise made years ago to remind myself that I’m alright and it’s ok to like myself. (You can watch it here)

What I found most emtional though was watching young teenage girls admit they had had moments of self loathing. I saw one mum hug her daughter really tight & cry a little, it almost broke my heart. I can’t bare to imagine my little E ever feeling anything but perfect. What I adore about Louise is that she is all about body confidence, I know the message she puts out there inspires and helps me as a 30 year old women and I love that as a mum, I know there’s women out there filling up young girls everywhere with love, praise and positivity. 

I could say so so so much more about the show but that would be giving it away and I really think if you have a chance, you should get a ticket and have a really good laugh. 
Whilst S and I were getting a drink at the bar, we chatted to the staff about her and they said they’d been told Louise was like the Beatles for young girls – I think she’d like that!! 

S and I will be going next year for sure! We think she should do an 18+ totally uncensored show too. That lady is funny! 

Lots of love 


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