Red Spiral sauce

Hello you! 

In our house house pasta is known as Spirals. The wild one loves red spirals best and to be honest, it’s my go to food often for her but also when we have lunch play dates, picnics etc.

I’ve given this recipe out so often that I thought I would write it down. I think it’s just a mash up of loads of recipes I’ve seen but I’ve been making it so long that I’m not sure. 

We make this in a batch and it we use it for a few things  things including pizza base sauce and tomato soup (with added stock)

So, ingredients 

1 x carton is Passata  

1 or 2 – carrots 

2 stalks of celery 

1 onion 

1 x Handul of spinach 

Garlic – we use a spoon of lazy garlic but as much or as little as you like 

Basil – As much or as little as you fancy 


This is soooo easy. Chop the onion, celery and carrots and cook it in a pan with some olive oil and the garlic until it’s soft. Throw in the spinach for a few minutes and then add Passata and cook for about 5 minutes then allow to cool.

Then blend it all up, add basil and your done.

I usually decant some for the pizza sauce and then add chopped mushrooms and halved cherry tomatoes (which I don’t blend) 

And that’s it, Red Spiral Sauce with no salt and hidden veggies for toddlers and grown ups alike. 

Lots of love 


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