One of those moments. 

For E,

It was a bit chilly tonight at bed time we dived into mummy and daddys big bed to read Stick man. 

You fluffed the pillows and made me tuck you up in the duvet. Our king size bed makes you look teeny! I read you Stick man and you twiddled your hair, when it finished you hopped out of bed and grabbed a book your cousin had given you. 

As I watched your little legs scamper across the landing my heart melted. You’ve grown up so much recently. I read the story and then we laid and chatted whilst daddy made your milk.

We talked about the trees blowing in the wind and you told me about the sky. Looking at you I just felt so much love. I took a mental photograph for myself of that moment. My sweet perfect girl. My baby seems to have slipped away into a memory of milky cuddles and in her place I’ve got this amazing, cute, wonderfully wild toddler and I love you so so much. 

I will always love you my darling girl.



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