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Love bomb!! 

Hello you! 

Have you heard of love bombing?! I’m not entirely sure but the idea is you spend a day/hour/some time loving on your child, making them feel totally adored and the centre of your world. Well that’s how I see it. 

Anyway, we’ve been busy and time has been rushed so the other day I cancelled all the plans and had a love bomb day. 

So what did we get up too? 

We played with playdough, we drew, we ran wildly around the garden, we bounced on the bed, we baked, we coloured in a box and stuck stickers to it. 

After we had all our fun, we snuggled up and watched Monsters Inc (for the millioneth time) and then when hubs got home we had pizza for tea. 

It was such a nice day. Too often I spend all our time rushing from a to b. Activity 1 to Activity 2 so it was so nice to just do what E fancied when she fancied it. She laughed so much that day and so did I. 

Do you love bomb? Did you know it was even a thing?

I think we will be making sure we have some more days like this in the future.  

Love lots 


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