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National Trust Membership 

Hello you! 

I wanted to share with you that we’ve recently joined the National Trust and man alive, I’m excited!! 

We live close to a few of their properties and I’m excited to be able to explore them. One in particular is very well known where we live for being awesome all year round for smalls. We are going on a small holiday next year and I’ve seen that there a lot of National Trust sites around were we are visiting too. 

What surprised me most about joining was it wasn’t actually that expensive. We opted to pay monthly and it’s costing just under £9 for the whole family. Given that the well loved house I mentioned above is £10 alone for parking, I think we’ve made an excellent choice. 

Also, The National Trust is a conservation Charity close to my heart. I am passionate about History – it captivates me and I think it’s so very important to remeber our heritage and past whilst we move forward into the future. 

You can read so much more about the National Trust here. 

I’m hoping being members means we manage to do something fun with E every month now that doesn’t cost the earth. I also hope it means we get to explore more of our gorgeous Country! 

Like I said, I’m excited! 

Love lots 



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