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Making art with E 

Hello you! 

I’ve been looking for something to hang on our wall for a while now and just couldn’t find a thing.

Hubs suggested we bought a blank canvas and let E do her thing. Why didn’t I think of that? So that is exactly what we did. 

We let her pick the colours, stick some tape on to try and make it ‘arty’

It started with brushes but ended just being smeared on. E loved it so when she demanded glitter as well, we went for it! I have to admit before it got smeary it looked so cool but I love it regardless because my girl made it. 

The end result, I’m sure you will agree is beautiful and unique. We proudly hung it 2 hours later when it was dry and it cost £2.50! 

Do you display your kids art work? 

Lots of love 

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