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Driving, sentences and Home Bargains 

Hello you! 

It’s been such a crazy week and I’ve neglected my blog badly. I’m sorry! 

The big big news is that I’ve started driving again. I was told to stop when I was about 28 weeks pregnant and then I just never felt confident enough to get back in a car. I suffer with anxiety and driving became a big a issue for me. In fact, I might write a seperate post all about that, would be interested? Anyway, I just drove one day. I told no one. I sent my hubs this selfie and he was blown away. His pride in me spurred me to keep going. He really is my rock, the love of my life. 

In toddler news, E had started speaking in sentences more and more. It’s mind blowing and to think only 2 months ago we were chatting to our local speech and language team because of concerns. She really is incredible.

I am soooo full of toddler love at the moment. Every single day she does something that makes my heart melt, she’s funny too so we seem to be laughing a lot.  

We also recently discovered Home Bargains. For someone who thought I was money savvy, I can’t believe I hadn’t been in in years. It’s like toddler heaven – cheap snacks, bath stuff and toys.

I’m going to whisper this but with Christmas on its way, I am thrilled to have somewhere I can go for cheap stuff to bulk out the stockings. I want to do a whole blog series in November about Christmas from how we prepare, save and spend to home made gift ideas. Would that interest you?! 

I’ll leave it there for now, Happy Thursday my lovely followers. Tell me, how’s your week been? 

Love lots 

A xx 

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