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Out door Swimming with our toddler. 

Hello you guys. 

Ready for some toddler expectation vs reality?! 

Let me set the scene. It’s Saturday afternoon, it’s rained all morning and finally it’s clearing. Toddler girl is playing with toot toot, hubs is on his phone and I’m idly looking around the Internet at Blogs. I get a notification on Facebook. A friend has shared the local outdoor swimming pools Facebook update. The pool is empty, the sun is on its why, why not come for a dip?

I ask hubs. Did you know village has a pool? And read the status out loud.

‘Let’s go swimming!’ 

And off he darts upstairs. I follow him with E, he’s only bloody in his swimming shorts guys. This is it, we are doing family fun instigated by hubs. He’s rushing around, he wants to get there before anyone else has the same idea. I go to grab a towel. He’s already packed them. Oh my days, this is EXCITING. He clips me into my costume, tells me I’m a babe and ushers me down stairs. 

Let me tell you at this point I have all the hope. We are going to pull up and the sun is going to glorious, no one is going to be about and we will have a quaint little pool in the Lincolnshire country side all to ourselves. We will get in, it’ll be so warm. Hubs will swim off with E, who’ll be squeeling with glee. I’ll do a some lengths and we will swap. Me and E will sing nursery rhymes and splash about as daddy has a swim. I’ll get out and lay on a sun lounger watching on as my beautiful family play in the water and I’ll get to have a doze before hubs wakes me by splashing me with water. We’ll grab a guilt free post swim icecream on the way home and reminisce about how lovely our impromptu afternoon was. E will be wiped out from her wonderful time swimming and all will be well in the world.

Wanna know what really happened? 

We get there. It’s still cloudy and it’s windy. It warm though so we continue. E is silent. The pool isn’t full but there is 4 kids splashing about and having fun, a few families dotted around reading, having a drink. Ok. We get changed – she’s watching. She’s never been here before so she’s taking it all in. It’s a bit chilly as we put our bags on the side but it’s ok, the lady at reception tells us the water is 29 degrees. Hubs gets in. He emerges and he’s already looking a bit blue. He asks me to pass him E but as I go to he changes his mind and asks her to sit on the side. Uh oh. The tears start. I scoop her up, reassure and pass her to daddy. 


Hubs glares at me. He wants me in this pool and dealing with E stat. I get in. It’s cold. I take E and she clings on as if her life depends on it. Which I suppose it kind of does.

Hubs swims off. That’s right, he leaves me with the wailing toddler and goes for his swim. A sympathetic women arrives with a floating seat. E does NOT want that seat to be anywhere near here. The screaming goes on. I manage to pacify her a little and she calms down, she’s still trying to climb back inside of me but she isn’t crying. Hubs comes back and attempts to bring E around. She’s having non of it and the screaming starts again. At some point she pulls my costume down and my boob pops out. Great. I tell hubs I want to leave. He looks disappointed but agrees and we grumpily trudge out of the pool, get our things and get changed. All the while E is telling everyone that she didn’t like the pool. And she’s blue. Because it’s freezing. We snuggle her up, get her changed and shove a Freddo in her direction to cheer her up. We get back in the car 35 minutes after we left it. 

We eat Magnum on way home and it’s makes us all nostalgic so we decide to book a family holiday. Who books a holiday after that?! 

What a day! 

Lots of love 

2 thoughts on “Out door Swimming with our toddler. 

  1. Oh God, most of the time you actually ca’t take children anywhere. We took Greg for a walk, he tried to eat the stones out of someone’s garden, got cross that we wouldn’t let him, tried to run back to the stone garden and ended up being forcefully restrained and carried home. Kids make bad companions, I’ll forget in a few days and try and take him somewhere again!

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