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Home Baking with E. 

Hello you! 

When I was growing up there was home baked goods everywhere I went. My extended family is huge and full of lots of fabulous bakers so I remember a lot of cakes. My mum used to bake with us lots and my Nannas house was a like a greedy kids dream. She doesn’t bake any more but ask anyone about her hot cross buns, chocolate orange cake or flapjack and they’ll be drooling. 

I get such a warm feeling looking back and remembering all of that and it’s something I want to pass onto E. I can bake, I know my brothers can and lots of my cousins do too. It used to be alien to me that some of my peers couldn’t bake biscuits. 

Me and E bake once a week to fill the cake/biscuit tin. I usually make simple things with her like biscuits or basic sponges but she loves it and so do I!  Although I would probably love it more if I had one of those fancy pants kitchen aid things, haha! 

Sometimes her dad will take our creations to work but more and more now we fill the goodie tin and enjoy our hard work all week through. It tastes so much better knowing we made it and we know exactly what’s in it. 

This week we made simple shortbread using this recipe from BBC Good food and it was a total hit and very cheap to make too. 

Do you bake with your toddlers? Would you like to see more of what me and E bake on here? Let me know in the comments below! Especially if you have any yummy recipes to share!

Love lots

A x 

One thought on “Home Baking with E. 

  1. I would love to see what you guys make! I used to love my nans puddings she would make, although when someone else makes it, it never tastes the same does it. I love baking with my little boy too, so look forward to seeing your bakes! Xx

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