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New mum gift ideas. 

Hello you!

Whenever a new baby comes into my life I try to make sure the mum gets a little something as well, after all, she did the hard work. If money was no object I would buy everything on the list for every new mum but I can’t do that so I usually choose one or two things. Just to make sure she knows someone is patting her on the back and saying ‘well done. You are super women’ I often actually say that too. All mothers are super women, it’s a fact. Anyway, I digress, on with the list.

1) Hand cream.

Having had a baby in scbu I know in order to visit them you wash your hands a thousand and one times a day. They can get really dry really quickly. I also know when a new baby goes home, regardless of whether or not they were in scbu, there’s a lot of hand washing. Let’s face it – no one wants to get grubby day germs on beautiful new babies but hand washing can leave hands sore. I usually pick up a tube of Soap and Glory Hand Food for any new mum. It’s super hydrating, smells incredible and feels a little bit luxourious in a world of nappy changes and sore body parts. 

2) A new water bottle.

I was sooooo thirsty after having E and so dehydrated. I just forgot to drink water. She may have been small but E kept me so busy. I know from friends who breast feed that you can get extra thirsty too so I think a nice new snazzy water bottle is a lovely gift for any new mum to remember a little self care can go a longb way. There’s a company I’ve got my eye on at the moment called Hydratem8 . They sell bottles with timings on to make sure you get your quota of water in during the day, perfect! 

3) Some posh chocolates.

When E was born I was gifted a little box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat and let me tell you, they were appreciated so much. They weren’t your standard £1 bar of chocolate and felt like such a special little gift just for me (although I did share with hubs) I’ve since bought a few new mum friends a box of these after the big push and they’ve always been a hit. 

4) Food, money or voucher for food. 

This one feels a little weird to write about so let me explain. My wonderful friend (Hi K!) gave birth to her babies very early and found herself along with her husband living very far from home in a hospital. We couldn’t arrive at the hospital with a homemade lasagne and demand they ate so we sent a little money to them for a take away so they could just find an hour to sit and eat some food. It’s very easy to forget yourself in situations like that but essentially food is fuel for your body. I think it’s a good gift idea even if the baby comes home straight away. Flowers are lovely but who doesn’t love a stew you haven’t had to make or Nandos that you haven’t had to pay for yourself? 

5) Lip balm 

This is along the same lines as the hand cream but a nice lip balm goes a long way for a long time. They are relatively cheap to pick up too. I sent this one to a friend who recently gave birth because I knew it is packaged really nicely, looks special, smells divine and does its job.

6) Dry shampoo

I gave this once as joke to a friend who had had enough of people saying she wouldn’t have time to do her hair, have a wash or sleep  EVER AGAIN. Turns out it was rather a handy gift for those days when it’s either wash your hair and miss socialising with non baby people  or dry shampoo and have a coffee with friends. Luckily she has slept again and she doesn’t smell so I assume she is washing. 

Do you buy for the new mamma too? Or are you strictly baby grows and bibs? 

Love lots 

A xx 

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