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The 2 year check up. 

Hello you. 

I mentioned in the last post that we had the 2 year check up this week so I want to share with you how it went.

It went really really well. Having not met the Health Visitor I was worried that she would be dismissive of how E came into the world. Sometimes I feel like a dog with a bone talking about her being early and not growing properly. However there is no way I am letting anyone have an opinion on her development without knowing her story first. 

As it happens the HV was lovely. A really lovely  women, it’s rude to mention age but it’s important. She was an older lady and she just radiated knowledge, kindest and confidence that I felt instantly at ease. She has clearly seen a lot in her years working within the health sector and that made me instantly relax. 

E isn’t behind her peers after all. In fact, she can do everything that would be expected of her at the age she is and much more. 

We had a chat about her speech/ hearing and after a while we all agreed to wait and see what happens. As I’ve said, we believe E can hear so that’s not an issue and her speech is improving daily. I need to stop comparing her to others and focus on helping her more. 

As expected E is very small in height and weight for her age but not to the point of concern.

Over all, I left the appointment feeling super proud of my girl. And actually, of myself. The HV was very forthcoming in making sure I knew that she believed being a mum wasn’t always easy and that she felt I was doing a good job. Perhaps that’s why I like her so much? Ha! 

Seriously though, it’s not very often as a mum we get told what a good job we we doing is it? Personally I am always wondering if I could be doing more for E. I’m always planning and plotting activities, researching EVERYTHING, organising play dates. I don’t want her to miss out because she doesn’t go to nursery. To have someone, a stranger, tell me that all my hard work is paying off was a huge confidence boost. 

I’ll leave it there now

Love lots

A x 

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