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Big girl bed & Braids. 

Hello you! 

I can’t believe another week has flown by so quickly!

Things, as per usual, are all change with E again! Firstly this week her hair suddenly became long enough to plait without it all falling out! 

I’m going to have to start watching some tutorials on little girl hair to make she always has awesome hair. 

This weekend we are planning to turn her cotbed into an actual bed. I am so nervous about it and don’t really know if we are making the right decision. She hasn’t been trying to climb out but she does climb up it now so we don’t think it’ll be long. I feel we are lucky to have gotten to 27 months without her trying to escape and I don’t know whether we are rushing it and should wait for an actual escape attempt? 

This week we have her two year check up as well. I’m a bit anxious about this. E was premature and is a bit behind development wise. Had we have been doing this check up in Scotland with the team who knew her from birth I wouldn’t be at all worried. The HV up there knew everything about the pregnancy and growth issues and I had real faith and trust in her. We’ve lived in England since E was 6 months and unfortuanly I can not say the same of the last HV we saw. Tomorrows people are, once again, people she’s never met these people before (nor have I) I’m scared they will dismiss me when I explain the whole situation. 

We are going to ask for a hearing test as her speech, although improving, is still a worry despite its improvement. Hubs wonders if she hears differently to us. We could very well be wrong but we would like to rule it out. 

We have plans to make it to a few play groups this week as well so I’m hoping that will keep her entertained. I have noticed that she needs a little more every single week now. She needs entertaining a lot and stuff to be on with all the time so I think making sure we attend these groups is vital to mix it up a bit! 

Right, I’ll leave it there! 

Lots of love 

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