Melissa & Doug magnetic daily calendar.  

Hello you!

We recently moved house and I totally forgot we owned this, I found it again recently and I’ve hung it in the play room. 

It’s a magnetic daily calendar for children and it’s amazing. 

E absolutely loves doing the calendar in the morning with me or her daddy. Everyone claps when it’s finished, even if it’s Monday! 

We picked it up on Amazon but a quick look shows me it’s cheaper at the moment elsewhere including here at the Early Learning Centre

It comes with tonnes of holidays too, the usuals like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day feature. However, it also includes St Andrews day, Halloween and heaps more. There’s also magnets for school holidays, play dates, parties and so on. 

I’m hoping doing this calendar will help with making sure E is school ready. I know she is only two but I am very aware she needs a certain skill set before she starts. As she doesn’t go to nursery, I want to make sure I help her along at home. I’m not about to start sitting her at a desk and make her write but I just want to gently encourage certain things so she isn’t massively shocked when she gets to school. I might write a seperate blog post about all this, would you like to know what we get up too? 

Back to the calendar, it’s a really good quality and I think it’s ace! A few reviews I read said it was too American. Ours does have American celebrations on as well as British but I don’t mind that as I want to teach E about everyone in the world and what they celebrate as much as I can do. I might even learn something! 

Lots of love 

A x

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