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Hello you! 

Today is an important day as Britain votes on whether the county should leave the EU. We’ve already been and voted as a family. E has been along to 3 votes now and whilst ever I can do, I’ll take her along and explain as much as I can as to why we are voting. 

E wanted to take her baby along to vote too! 

She might be 2 but I’ve already told her how important her right to vote is and just how important it is that she always makes sure her opinions and voice is heard. Whether it’s during a national vote or in a class room. 

I see a fire in my daughters eyes and I feel so much like she could make a difference in this world. Whilst I have breath in my body I will make sure she is heard, she is confident and she becomes exactly who she is meant to be. I am here her biggest fan and her number one cheer leader and I always will be. 

Make sure your voice is counted today. 

Lots of love 

A xx  

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