Hello you! 

This is the third summer we’ve had since E was born. The first one was a write off, she was new and we were tired. Any spare time was spent silently begging to her to sleep and glugging coffee. The second was a little better but she was still shoving EVERYTHING in her mouth and tripping over every third step but this summer, oh this glorious summer.

We have been outside every single day. I sit in the deck chair drinking tea and writing blog posts whilst she runs around like she’s never been outside before. I actually found myself worrying about how I would cope once winter is here last night. 

We have a few garden toys that I get out, a trampoline and a water table and she just makes her own fun. It’s wonderful.

Not only is she soaking up vitamin D and getting plenty of fresh air (which by the way I could write a whole other post on, I’m obsessed with fresh air) She is also learning to play independently, her imagination is wild! Ever seen dinosaurs take tea with George from Peppa pig and penguin? I have. Dinosaurs are very polite and good at sharing. Pigs and Penguins not so much. 

I was never a summer person, ever. I prefered cold winters with snuggly clothes and the whisper of Christmas but now I have a toddler I am all about summer time. 

Last night I dunked her in the bath and her nails were dirty from planting with Nanny, her clothes were stained and soaked from splashing around and she had Ice cream around her chops from a sneaky choc ice she had to cool down. I looked at her and my heart warmed. She is having the best childhood, the kind I used to dream of giving her when she was just a pip in my stomach. 

Lots of love 

A x 

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