Shopping the Value range. 

Hello you. 

A few people noticed that we had some Everyday Value food in our grocery shop pic from the last meal planning post so I wanted to talk to you about Everyday Value food and why we buy it. 

I would say we have a good household income. We aren’t flush but we can pay our bills, fill the fridge and have a little left at the end for the rest of the month. We try and be as savvy as we can with our money to stretch to it further and this is where Everyday Value comes in. 

I used to be a brand snob, you would never ever see me pick up these foods for a grocery shop but then a few years back we ended up in a bad financial situation and we needed to think outside of our well packaged snobby box.  

If I’m totally honest the packaging of value food is awful and the number one reason I used to avoid it. But do I eat the packaging?

It was actually a TV programme about brand downgrading and taste difference that inspired me to start buying the cheaper produce, hubs took longer to be convinced but now he will happily chat to anyone about how much money we’ve saved! 

Down grading brands is something people turn their nose up too as they think they are compromising quality. In some cases that it true but in others, it isn’t! 

We don’t buy Everyday Value everything, we have a real mixed bag in our fridge from high end goats cheese to cheap pears. It really was a case of try it and see for most foods. For example, we did try Everyday Value ketchup but that wasn’t for us, nor the bread. 

However we love lots of the canned goods and the apple juice tastes the same as all the others. We throw the sweet corn in pasta so I would rather pay 30p for it instead of a Jolly £1+. The list goes on really, the above picture is just a snapshot of what we buy from the range. 

I do keep my eye on the ingredients and welfare of the produce, we don’t buy Everyday value eggs because they aren’t free range. 

We cook from scratch 99% of the time and I do think that a tin of tomatoes is a tin of tomatoes when your making a spag Bol. If we bought lots of ready meals, prepared foods or sauces than I’m not sure sure the brand down grading would have gone down so well in our house. 

Do you shop the Value range?  What do you think?

Lots of love

A x

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