2016 goals. 

Hello you. 

It only seems 2 minutes ago that the bells were chiming and we were seeing in 2016 with smiles on our faces, hope in our hearts and a belly full of beer.

How are we half past year already?

It may be cliche but I always make New Years resolutions. I always do another set in June too. Although they are more goals of things I want to achieve rather than things I resolve to do. I thought I might share my June 2016 goals with you! 

1) Sort through all the toys E has. E has loads of toys but some of them are probably too young for her now. I would like to take some time to go through them all and donate the ones I think we are done with to Charity. We used to donate to the local women’s refuge but we’ve moved since we last donated so I also need to find out where I can donate here. 

2) Print and frame some pictures for our walls. The house is very neat and organised but I want to add a touch of us to the walls now. 

3) Save monthly for Christmas time. On the note of Christmas research home made Christmas gifts.

4) Make sure I spend a little time each day giving the dogs some affection. I mentioned in an earlier post I felt guilty about not being able to love on them enough so I want to have a little snuggle each day with them. 

5) Blog at least 3 times a week. I am REALLY enjoying blogging and reading other smaller blogs I’ve found since starting this. I can see by stats that people are reading what I write too which is a little nerve wracking and thrilling all at once.

6) I would like to find time in this year to spend some time with my wonderful friends without our children. I have a theatre date with S in August to see Louise Pentland which I am super excited about because a) I love Louise but also because I get to spend time with my friend. We are both mums now and it’s made us so much closer but it’ll be so nice to be just us two again even for a snippet of time. I would also like to spend some childless time with both K and L as we have so much catching up to do. 

I think I’ll leave it there for now. There’s the usual lose weight, eat better and get in control of finances as well but I never seem to achieve those! 

Lots of love 

A x 

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