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A little more on having 2 dogs and a sprog. 

Hello you!

I’m often asked how our dogs dealt with E coming into our lives and how they are with her. Sometimes by human owners thinking is getting a dog and sometimes dog owners thinking of getting a human.

R & C were initially ok with E. Extremely curious and constantly looking but that was ok because they knew their boundaries and were surprisingly always gentle. Anyone who knows our dogs will know they are anything but gentle usually (in terms of excited tail wagging and running – not aggression) 

I mentioned in this post when I introcuded the hounds, that there was a time we thought we would have to give Candy up. E had just learnt to move and was making Candys life hell. Candy and Rooby are very snoozy lazy dogs when they are just at home. E made sure whenever Candy was snoozing that it wouldn’t be for long. We did everything we could to give Candy a place to escape to including our bed. We also continually taught E that Candy needed space. Like I said, we did think we would have to rehome Candy when all our hard work wasn’t paying off and we agonised for ages about what to do whilst ensuring everyone was safe and as happy as can be. Thankfully we didn’t make any snap decision because quickly Candy became tolerant of E and E because gentle around Candy. The day my husband said ‘I think this is going to work out’ I could have melted into a puddle of joy. Candy was always my dog of the two. Pre E we napped together, cuddled and she was always just mine. The thought of having to send her off to a new home, alone and confused still makes my heart ache now. 

Now E is 2 and the dogs are absolutely fine. They are as cheeky and naughty as ever and E just goes with it. She’ll tell them off if they accidently knock into her and she’ll rub their tummies and twiddle their fur when they snooze.

We still have lots of toddler boundaries in place for example the dogs have free access to the house but not her bedroom. We don’t leave them all in room alone together, if I need to pop into the kitchen I’ll call them through with me (Although usually they are upstairs asleep avoiding us)

One thing we openly struggle with is walking them. E takes up so much time and something that used to be a daily happening is now more of a three times a week thing. Lucky we have a big back garden, we play ball with them and exercise their body and minds everyday so they aren’t suffering. The big problem is I used to be able to walk them whilst hubs worked but now I have to manage a toddler and I simply don’t have the hands of strength to deal with all 3.

Another thing I will mention is the guilt I feel. I get easily frustrated if they are under my feet and following E round for her biscuit. I don’t cuddle them as much as I used to either because my time is taken up elsewhere. Luckily super hubs adores them and they get plenty of affection from him. Probably more than the average dog gets from all its family members! So I feel less guilty when I think of it like that. Seriously, my husband loves dogs more than people. He doesn’t like people but dogs is a different story.

Lots of love

A xx 

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