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What’s in her bag? Toddler summer bag essentials 

Hello you! 

The hot weather is upon us and I wanted to share with you our summer back pack set up! I’ve not listed nappies and wipes because well because. 

Sun cream – We use this which is Calypso once a day sun cream in factor 40. I slather it all over E before she gets dressed and I do my exposed bits too. I know it says once a day but I also have a tube in E’s bag for a top up on extra hot days. 

Cardigan – I keep a very very light cardigan for if it gets chilly or if her arms need covering. 

Snacks – E never seems to have much of an appetite but it almost vanishes on hot days so I always have some Organix snacks in there. Usually as oat bar, a date and apple bar and crisps. We really love the Organix snack range – they are super handy for busy days and the packaging excites E so she feels like she is getting a treat. I also always throw an apple in there. 

Water – Standard right? It’s hot, stay hydrated and drink lots. Applies to everyone! We use the Munchkin 360 cup for E. We only discovered it when she was around 15 months old and I so wish we had found it sooner. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and well, anyone who will listen. 

Anti bacterial Hand gel – We spend LOADS of time outside in the summer and I suspect E will be almost feral by the time winter comes around. We explore insects, sand, flowers and so on. I just feel reassured to have the gel handy for gross moments. She’s 2, they happen!! 

Hat – Ever tried to keep a hat on anyone under 4 years old? Almost impossible. I always carry one and basically most of the day’s conversation with E goes like this 


I stick with it because I burnt my scalp once where it was parted and it is painful! 

Spare dress – As I’ve said, summer gets messy so I always have a summer dress thrown in there to change if she gets messy or wet. E is really sensitive to being dirty so if she decides she needs to get clean then we have to fix it immediately. 

Bobbles – I always keep 4/5 bobbles in all of E’s bags. Bobbles get lost and she has loads of hair. Loads of hair in the summer equal a hot head so bobbles are essential. 

Finally, the bag! 

We have and LOVE the Skip hop Unicorn back pack. It was expensive for a toddler back pack but I really like the brand, the quality is amazing and there is loads of room in the bag for all the stuff we need to carry around. It’s not oil cloth like the Cath Kidston backpack we own but I like to use that one in Winter as its water proof.

That’s all! 

Lots of love 

A x 

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