What we will eat this week 

Hello you! 

It seems my meal planning posts were well read so I thought I would bring them back. Not on a Monday though, just the night before our groceries her delivered which varies week to week. 

It’s pretty hard cooking one meal for the family when E won’t eat meat but hubs is like a caveman so I’ll add little notes where I adapt the meal for everyone’s tastes. 

So this week the meal plan looks like this – 

Tuna steaks with asparagus, green beans and potatoes. E will eat all this meal so no adaptations. 

Peri peri pork with sunshine rice. E won’t eat the pork with the meal so she will have the rice which is cooked from scratch with some brocoli and garlic bread. 

Pasta with home made tomatoe and veggie sauce, sweet corn and cheese. E will eat this so no adaptations. 

Spaghetti with garlic and herb cream cheese, mushrooms, peas and green beans. Another E friendly meal. 

Thai green curry with sticky rice. E would eat this usually minus the chicken but we are having this as a date night supper so she will be eating something different earlier in the day. 

Griddled Chicken breast with sweet potato fries and salad. E won’t eat the chicken so I’ll cook her some white fish but the chicken needs eating which is why we will have different. 

Quorn sausages either with carrots and brocoli and mash or chips and salad depending on the weather. E friendly meal. 

Home made pizza with meat for hubs and onion, mushroom, sweet corn and goats cheese for me and E. 

Chicken fried rice with brocoli. I’ll add the chicken at the end after taking out a portion for E. 

And that’s our week in food! I realise there’s 9 meals there and that’s because we try to stretch our grocery shop out within the realms of our budget in order to save money so hopefully this will see us through 9 days leaving a little more to carry over next month! 

Lots of love 

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