Toddler life


Hello you! 

I don’t know about you but my toddler needs something to be on with constantly at the moment.

The glorious weather means we are usually outside but it’s too hot today so we’ve headed indoors for some shade and respite from bouncing on the trampoline.

E is a totally obsessed with crafty things at the moment. Although I’m into the occasional attempt at being a Pinterest mum, I’m not that into mess and paint, are you?

So with the help of E we hunted around the house for fun things she could stick to paper. I chopped them up small and we filled a bowl. Then I simply set her up, showed her once what to do and then sat down with a coffee whilst she let her imagination run wild.

She entertained herself for ages with it and didn’t need me to help. We chatted as she played and I was able to catch up with some emails. 

Super easy, low mess and low parental input activities are my favourite kind! 

Lots of love 

A xx 

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