Father’s Day fail

Hello you! 

Have a look on Pinterest for Father’s Day card ideas  and you’ll see some beautiful cards where children have placed their hands gently into card so their daddy knows he’s the best ‘hands down’ and so on.

Encouraged by Pinterest I set about making some cards with E today. I had 3 in mind.

A lion – Best dad, I’m not lion (yup, I love it) 

Hand print – High five grandad, I love you.

Dandy lion – Grandad you are dandy, I ain’t lion.

Ok? Plan made, supplies gathered … Let’s go! 

Below are the results.
Loads of crying, a demand of glitter and some free styling later and we managed one okish card and two chaotic cards but we tried, that’s all that matters right? 

Ha! I am certain the cards will be adored …….. 

Talk soon xx 

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