No photos please?! 

Hello you.

So, the other day at a toddler group I was asked if it was ok to take pictures of E. I said no. 

A few of other mums know I blog and others have me on social media so know I share pictures of her so everyone looked a little shocked.

Now, here’s my issue with them taking pictures of her – I have no control. The images can be used to promote the activities (which is wonderful) I came home and a little research showed me she could be on leaflets, social media and advertising and that just doesn’t feel right to me. 

With my blog, my insta and my private social media I have all the control. You may notice that often on here and my insta you won’t see a face on shot of E. That’s a choice I’ve made. 

I did feel a little awful saying no especially as I really love the place we attend, I’ve made friends and felt totally accepted there and I know they need to promote to be successful and they need to be successful to stay funded and open. However, everyone else said yes and I figure they have enough images to work with. I did say I didn’t mind E being in the back ground of the images but I just didn’t want any face on shots of her.

Hubs thinks I’m wrong. He thinks, especially because I blog, that I should have said yes but as I am the primary care giver and the adult that attends these sessions with her  – I’ll be sticking to my decision. 

Take care xx 

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