Toddler in church?!

Hello you! 

Yesterday was a busy but very important day!  You see, yesterday our beautiful friends over at Papapete had their daughter christened. Hubs and I became god parents for the first time ever too. 
As honoured as we were to become godparents, we were both super worried about taking E into church. I won’t go into religion and personal beliefs but I will say as a family, we are a mixed bag and for that reason, we don’t take to E to any places of worship so this was her first time. Panic stations.

We packed everything we could think of to occupy her – snacks, toys, juice, iPad with head phones and even chatted with the Vicar about Hubs making a swift exit with E if needed.

When we arrived we were all handed a very well thought out bag of goodies from P’s mum with colouring and stickers.

We were assured so many times by everyone it wouldn’t matter if E got upset, started chatting, roamed around and all other things wild toddlers do but as parents, we just felt so anxious to see how it was going to play out.

We were sat at the front so we were near the choir. When they walked in I felt my stomach drop. All in later life, all passionate church goers and they knew everyone. As a child the church I attended was stuffy, everyone was a little bit cross and children existing seemed to annoy everyone the most. I was so nervous that these people would feel the same about E. A young imposter into their Sunday morning service. 

I need not have worried at all. The church was so very kind. The choir – a sea of friendly faces who laughed with E, pulled faces and rejoiced when she told them (and everyone else) that penguins SPLASHED. One hymn involved clapping and hand movements and they involved E who loved it.

I honestly can’t tell you enough how proud I was of E for how she behaved in church, it was almost like she understood the importance of it to everyone around us. This is a child that can’t sit through 20 minutes of a film without running around, throwing stuff and demanding snacks (which is ok because she is 2) but she sat quietly playing, listening and dancing and was very respectful.

What I learnt from yesterday is that if you have to (or want too) take a toddler into church  – don’t worry. If they lack understanding of the small humans then it isn’t their religion, it’s them and you haven’t found the right church. 

Take care 


Ps. I didn’t take any pictures in the church so the photo of of the lovely box of chocs we were given! Yummy! 

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