Confessions from a guilty wife. 

Hello you. 

This post is going to get a little smushy, you’ve been warned.

I’m a mum, a stay at home mum, which means all day every day I am a mum. The person I spend most of my days with is 2 years old.

If I feel frustrated, tired, pained and touched out then I can’t take it out on the wild one so I keep a lot in and often, those emotions over spill onto my husband. He gets all my anger, frustration and tiredness and he takes it so well.

Lately I have been particularly difficult to be around, I know I have but hubs has mentioned it also and the guilt! Oh the guilt.

Let me tell you, this man is incredible. He’s loyal, kind and generous to a fault. He is tolerant, loving and really really wonderful. And I adore him. I love the bones of him. He gives me butterflies and make me laugh even when I feel like I don’t want too. 

It’s totally time now to make sure he knows I love him, not a only as the wonderful father he is but as the hillerious man who warms my heart. We are going to go on a date day soon and I am so excited to spend some time with him. I’ve so badly neglected our relationship of late and I know some steak, some wine and some couple time (as opposed to family time) will get is right back on track. However date night isn’t for a week so tonight I’m going to start with saying I’m sorry,  I’m going to be totally silent during Game of Thrones and I’m going to make him a drink when he gets home from work.

Does being a parent often mean your partner doesn’t get the best of you? Tell me, what do you do to keep the romance alive?

Talk soon xx 

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