A meaty issue

Hello you! 

Let’s talk about the wild one shall we? 

When I was pregnant I couldn’t bare to eat meat, see meat or even talk about meat. I managed fish just fine but meat, urgh.

Fast forward to today and I have a meat avoiding toddler. She just won’t eat it and looking back, I don’t think she has ever eaten much of it.

Now she has a voice in her head and choice available, she simply chooses not to consume meat. For a while we still put it in her food and even disguised it but now I simply ask if she would like it as part of her meal and she always says no. 

Throughout my entire life I’ve had periods of time where I stopped consuming meat and at one point I even tried to be a vegan so I feel I’m educated enough in nutritional alternatives to make sure she is getting everything she needs from the meals she is being served.

We have even discussed stopping eating meat all together as a family be hubs is still a little unsure on that one. I don’t think he can see a world where he doesn’t eat meat with every meal. 

We have replaced some meats with Quorn such as mince and sausages as E will eat those providing we reassure her they are meat free.

It’s only been in these last few weeks or so that we’ve stopped pushing meat onto E and accepted she is a human with her own mind, a mind doesn’t want to eat meat. 

In curious to know if anyone else has a meat avoiding toddler? 

Talk soon xx 

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