Making new friends – grown up style.

Hello you.

This week has been interesting. 
As I’ve mentioned before we have recently moved to a new area and I know no one. We live closer to my family and forever friends but not close enough to ignore the people surrounding me and I’ve been eager to make some new friends for E but also for me. 

It’s hard making friends as a grown up. How do you start? 

‘Hi I’m new, will you play with me?!’ 

It doesn’t help that I’m a little weird. My passions, hobbies, dress sense and tastes in music aren’t mainstream. I have a weird sense of humour and I am so socially nervous that I literally spill out into situations and over compensate for my weirdness by trying to be normal. 

Also, I sound like Minnie Mouse. Having a high pitched voice is odd. People think I’m much younger than I am and people often assume I’m not smart. I’ve had a few people tell they are shocked when I can hold a conversation regarding the news and politics. I studied History at University and I make it my business to be well informed on any decisions I’ve made or will be making. 

Any way, I digress. This week I actually spoke to women and made new connections. New women who live around me and want to spend time with me. One women approached me at a playgroup, she was confident and she instantly dived in with ‘are you new? I’m **** and this is *****, would you like play?’ She then introduced me to her friend who later invited me over for a coffee.

Inspired by the confidence of the First Lady I decided I would introduce myself to another lady the next day. This was awkward on my part  but turned out OK.

She is Scottish and for several years while we lived in Scotland. E was playing near her child so I said something like ‘Remeber when lived in ***** and we went to the beach’ 


E was a newborn so no, she didn’t remember but naming the place worked and Scottish lady  said Hi and we got chatting. She told me about a local dance class and we arranged a play date. 

So that’s how I made potential new friends this week. A bit weird but as if life. 

Talk soon 


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